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Impact the Future of Cancer Research

Each page tells the story of a special person and provides the opportunity to make an online donation to support our mission.

Getting Started

Click the Find a Page button above to go to a search page that you can use to locate the page of someone you know.

Click the Create a Page button to begin building your page. 

Tell Your Story

After providing basic information about your story, you, as the tribute champion, can:

  • Tell a story and why you are championing this cause.
  • Upload a digital photo.
  • If creating an Honor or Memorial Page, provide the physical street and email addresses of the tribute Honoree, or a designated Next of Kin contact, that can be notified when gifts are made to the page.
  • If creating an honor or memorial page, review and agree to a waiver that states you have the permission of the Honoree, or the Honoree’s family, to create your page.
  • Provide a personal donation as the initial gift to the tribute.

Invite Your Friends and Family

After creating your page, you can access the Champion Center to personalize your page, send emails to your family and friends to ask them to support your page, and more.

Why Support Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center?

At Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, we understand what it means to experience cancer. Our compassion is what drives us to seek a better future for cancer patients and their families. Simply put, our mission is to eliminate cancer and related diseases. The donations you raise will help support our scientific research, where we strive to achieve the opportunity for a healthier life and freedom from the anxiety and pain that accompany a cancer diagnosis.