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A couple of years ago my mentor Bob lost his battle with cancer. He was the kindest man who has ever existed. I had the honor of being matched with him as the fist Big/Little Brother in Thurston County. Since that match in 1985 he taught me so many things. Most of allthe importanceof beinga good person. When he passed I wanted to honor him somehow yet I couldn't find the proper avenue. I resolved to someday give in his name.

Fast forward a few years and my wife falls ill. Long story short she has a tumor where her thyroid should be. After months of tests and an array of doctors we were sent to SCCA.

Trust me, entering a building with the word cancer on it can be very intimidating. However once we met with our doctors and staff we knew we couldn't be in a better place. Sara is still continuing her fight but every day is better. Every day we are closer.

When I finally learned of Obliteride I realized this was my chance. Finally I can give back to the people that have supported us so much and do it in the names of someof my most cherished people.

Cancer touches all of us - half of all men and one third of all women in the U.S. will get cancer in their lifetime. These figures are shocking, but, I believe we can change the stats by funding lifesaving research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

All of us participating in Obliteride will come together August 9-11, 2013 to tell cancer we're not gonna take it anymore. And here's where I need your help. I've made a big commitment to make a statement against cancer. And I hope you'll make a statement, too. With 100% of every dollar donated going directly to cancer research at Fred Hutch, we can make a direct impact on research to save lives faster. I hope you'll donate as much as you can because you believe in me, what I'm doing and that together, we can defeat cancer.

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Thank you all! I am so honored that you have reacted as fast as you did. $2500 in less than 48 hours! Crazy and we are not done yet!

by Tory Grant on Fri, May 10, 2013 @ 1:59 AM

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