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Join our Obliteride team! Details:

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Catch the Spider launched as a tiny but mighty team of six in 2016 with ambitions to expand team size, diversity, and total fundraising moola in 2017 and beyond. 


If you'd like to contribute funds to help us help Fred Hutch cure cancer faster, then please click on the orange "donate" button on this page (thank you!!).

100% of your donated funds will go toward Fred Hutch's cancer-fighting efforts.

New Spiders (teammates) are welcome!

Are you interested in joining us for the Obliteride 100-mile ride in 2017?

We're an open/independent team; membership is not affiliated with any particular company or other organization.

Before you click on the orange "join this team" button on this page, please visit our web site (, review the team membership information on the "Join" page, contact us through the email form, and we'll reach out to you as soon as possible. 

Why "Catch the Spider"?

The concept of team Catch the Spider was hatched out of admiration for the legendary bicycle frame builder Dario Pegoretti (links to details about Dario are available at

Dario was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2007, and has waged his cancer battle while otherwise continuing to live life on his own terms.

One of Dario's bicycle frame paint designs - the inspiration for our team graphics - is called Catch the Spider. That title originated from a playful suggestion made to Dario by his assistant Pietro Pietricola as a tactic for how Dario might fight his cancer. "The spider" refers to Dario's cancer.

"Pietro said to me, 'drink a glass of wine and the spider will get drunk'”. - DP


 - Thanks for helping us support Obliteride and Fred Hutch!! 



Catch the Spider - Join Team Raised
John Daly $1,950.00
Natalie Angelillo $5.00
Rob Mathewson $10.00
Shane Sobotka $155.00
Paul Steffenson $6,507.50
Mark Tindall $55.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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