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Obliteride 2017

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A group of about 12 of us did this ride last year and it was an overall great day, so we are riding again.  Please invite others to join!  #btpositivity

My Update:  Brain scans have been looking good and my leg has been getting stronger.  I "trained" on a spin bike this past winter and now have been getting out on my bike this Spring.  It feels great to ride outside.  I am motivated to do Obliteride to continue to stay motivated and aid my physical recovery and to test my fitness compared to last year.  

Why Ride?  This is a great event for a great cause.  My brain tumor may be stabilized right now, but the research the Fred Hutch continues to do could end up saving my life and many others’ lives in the future.  Combine that with the threat of federal spending cuts to scientific research, it gives us plenty of reason to raise some money for cancer research.

Please join my team and Let’s Ride!!!

I know some folks are a little concerned with having to raise money again this year.  I plan to have some incentives... like matching donations to our team from some anonymous donors, another run of Be Positive t-shirts, and anything else we can think of.  Take the plunge and join the team!


UPDATE:  Zum Fitness is supporting my ride and recruiting more riders!  So if you found out about Obliteride through Zum, you are in the right place.

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