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Obliteride 2017

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The Compass Obliteride Team got its start last year with eight riders and dozens of employees contributing through their donations, helping us raise nearly $10,000 for Cancer research!  This year, we’re building upon that success to make 2017 the best Compass Obliteride Team yet.

Our goal is to come together as a family and support those who’ve lost a loved one to cancer, know someone fighting, or are survivors themselves. Help us by joining the ride, volunteering, donating, or simply cheering on our Compass family.

Research advances knowledge and that’s the path to obliterating cancer. For that reason, we’re going ALL IN to accelerate research at Fred Hutch.

Sadly, half of all men and one third of all women in the U.S. will get cancer in their lifetime. We need that to stop.

More than 300 labs and projects are working hard to save the lives of people all over the world by conducting innovative, high-impact cancer research. We’re committed to supporting these labs so they can continue saving lives and can do so faster. We ask you to join our team in this fight.

It’s time for us to put cancer in its place. Behind us.

Ride with us, donate to our team, and tell others about Obliteride!

Compass Construction - Join Team Raised
Spencer Tucker $3,830.00
Coral Divers $105.00
Brent Kohrs $750.00
Justin Landis $255.00
Michele LeClair $0.00
Matt Mahler $25.00
Daniel Marks $405.00
Lokesh Masania $420.00
Ashley May $250.00
Scott Miller $250.00
Ryan O'Connell $1,750.00
Kellie Pavelek $1,300.00
Justin Smith $495.00
Kay Stertz $5.00
Bob Strum $2,080.00
Alan Thesenvitz $1,250.00
Team Gifts $8,150.00
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