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We Are Committed To Curing Cancer Faster

Obliteride 2017

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Laura Sanders (GI Social Worker/mega-fan of Jenise, Meagan and Ryan)

Jodi and Bob

marcus neubauer

We wheelie want to obliterate cancer.

Our team is made up of current and past SCCA Team Coordinators (TCs), plus their friends! Please support Pop, Lock & Sprocket as we bike 50 miles.

We are excited to participate in the fight against cancer. To **pump** you up, please enjoy these puns we have carefully crafted:

  • We hope we don't get two tired.
  • We are gearing-up for a bumpy road.
  • Cancer really grinds our gears.
  • Obliteride is going to be off the chain.
  • Give us a brake! Please donate.
  • Pedal to the medal.
  • Shift happens.
  • Don’t get (on your) left behind.

pop, lock & sprocket - Join Team Raised
Jenise Clark $355.00
Ryan Fang $30.00
Meagan Fischer $535.00
John Sousa $1,280.00
Team Gifts $567.00
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