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My Donors

30 lives gone-memories to live on, countless survivors

30 lives gone with former neighbor, Claudia Miller as the most recent (8/25/14) and Raymond Blaylock passed in June 2014 to kidney cancer.  Too many lives in my 52 years. Aunt Linda Bielinski died on Easter Sunday after a three year battle with lung cancer.  She followed my good friend Dan Barrow who passed at 11:59pm on April 6, 2014,which was his 63rd birthday and was buried on the day my good friend Victoria Boraker would have turned 52, but she lost her battle on May 18, 2012. So many lives affected in so many ways with desperate hopes that Fred Hutch can find ways to cure.

I will ride with the spirits of my father, Jack Bielinski, 2012-cholangeocarcinoma-age 80,  Eddie Bielinski- leukemia age 6, Roxanne Lucier- cousin, age 16, Chester Bielinski-age 62,  Nancy Richter, Sue Crystal, Jeff Larson, Dan Wolfe, Greg Pierce, Joni Charbonneau- all early 50's, Judy Mitchell, Bill Fromhold, June Leonard, Eva Santos, Jon Nichols, Marilyn Pratt, and Bob Oke-lost. Tony Palermo, Jr. high school friend, Vicki Boraker-age 50, Nashaunte Miles, Brain cancer, age 21, Caitlin Palmer, age 16, lymphocytic leukemia, Travis Spring, age 19,  Diane Lorenzo, Pat Nelson, Mike Carrell, Mary Skinner, Dan Barrow, Auntie Linda Bielinski and Raymond Blaylock. I will also ride for the loss of my friend's brother, Trey Foote ( who has a story worth reading.

A loss of brains, lungs, breasts, testicles, prostate, ovaries, cervix, bone, liver, pancreas, tonsil, esophagus, kidney, tongue and blood.  Life.

Riding with the strength of the Survivors in my life- (mom) Lee Bielinski, Sue LaVack, Nick Federici, Jennifer Allen, Patty Hayes, Marcia Fromhold and many in her family,  John Weeks, Pamela Snider, Paul Harris, Andy Hill, Susan Lamborn, Tony Lombardo, Victoria Lincoln, Lee Reeves, Trish Long, Theresa Connor, Peter Ali, Sharon Tomiko-Santos, Ross Hunter, Lauri Dolan, Dennis Flannigan, Christine Gregoire,  Geoff Masci, Theresa Hansen, Jesus Areyano, Thaddeus Mercer, Greg Nilan, Joe Daniels, Joan McEldoon, Roger Freeman,  Terry Warren-Calvillo, Cyrus Habib, Drew Bouton, Marla Deere-and me-all living, some fighting, other recovered.   There are two who will not beat the disease who are fighting with grace and strength-Claudia and Jackie.  My training rides are in their honor.  These are the people who remind me daily of my own journey and give me the ability to take life a day at a time.

Charity bike rides give me a place to be calm and introspective.  The longer I ride the bigger life is! Awareness is accomplished, a cure is not.  Your donation to Fred Hutch Cancer Research center will help me ride 150 miles in 2 days- for my health and introspection on a disease that has changed my life in multiple ways.  Your donation is 100% for research and is humbling, appreciated and staying local!  Thank you for your kindness.