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Crack The Curse!

Crack The Curse!

Team Fundraising Goal: $100,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 243
Total Value of Gifts: $30,143.95

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Six guys and a goat hike from Mesa, Arizona to Chicago to crack the curse of the goat for the Cubs and raise a bunch of money for cancer research. Many of the hikers have had their lives effected by cancer.

The Walk Gang

Matt Gregory-- I'm 32 and born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Seeing how Cub great, Ryne Sandberg was from Washington State, I fell in love with the Cubs and bought my first jersey at age 12. I like doing long hikes for good causes. I've done a 5,000 mile solo hike from Bellingham, WA to Key West, FL raising donations for cancer research in memory of my mother, who had 43 passed on because of cancer. In 2010, I also did a 200 mile hike with a goat to fight cancer. Go CUBS!

Kyle Townsend -- I am 28 years old and the youngest of three sons. I have spent the last five summers working in Denali where all of us met. I spend the winter’s substitute teaching and coaching where I grew up in Michigan. I have been a cubs fan my whole life. I grew up watching the games being called by Harry Caray and players like Sandberg, Dawson, Grace, Dunston, and Maddux. I am going on this walk to raise money for something dear to my life. Go Cubs Go!

Austin Roberts --I grew up in a little town in Southwest Washington, called Elma, Washington. I became a Cubs fan when my brother gave me a stack of baseball cards with Ryne Sanberg in it. I looked it up in the becket monthly and it was 45 cents. I was stoked to have my first baseball card that was worth something. Later on that day I saw him hit a homerun on t.v. Finally hearing about the mystries of the "Curse of the Goat" and rasing money for a good cause has inspired me to be a part of this adventure.

Blake Ferrell -- 30, lives in Alaska via Michigan, Been a cubs fan my whole life, favorite player, andre dawson, doing the walk to help out a great cause that is important to me, as well as getting the cubbies to the series, Go cubs

Patrick (PJ) Fisher -- I grew up in Prescott, Arizona and to be honest with you, I grew up a Diamondsback fan, but up in Alaska I met these crazy Cubs fans and after a one-pitch softball tourney in Talkeetna, Alaska where the idea of the hike and attempting to crack the curse inspired me. They have slowly pushed me toward Cubs fandom.

Phillip Aldrich -- 26, Memphis, TN Born a Cubs fan because of the pops. Sister had Aplaotic-Amenia, a form of Leukemia when she was a kid. Thankfully, it went into remission after a bone-marrow transplant. Spent a lot of time at St. Jude's Children Hospital as a child. Huge Cubs fan and I'm looking forard to the chance to raise money for a great cause. GO CUBS!


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Debbie Miller
Sat, Jun 02, 2012
My father died 4 years ago from Esophageal cancer, he was also a diehard Cubs fan, he fought the good fight for 4 years, never letting the cancer define him. Following this journey of 5 guys and a goat, Wrigley made me realize the power of motivation and achieving a goal is an inspiration, thank you to the Crack the Curse team, good luck on achieving your goals.

Kathy G
Tue, May 29, 2012
Heard about your trek today... Lost my mom and a brother to cancer. Good Luck from a Giants fan.

Husker Lori
Mon, May 28, 2012
What a great group of guys with tremendous drive for two goals....I support you 100%!!
Out of town for the weekend....hope to hear all about your arrival too Wrigley when I return.bather

Terry le
Tue, May 22, 2012
Just heard of this unbelievable goat trek while in chenoa and there they were! In the flesh and one in fur.. great meeting these down to earth and caring goat sitters. Good luck.

Dean Mentjes
Sun, May 20, 2012
Best wishes for a great walk! From a Sox fan who appreciates your efforts to fight cancer.

Beth Sackett
Tue, May 08, 2012
I lost my 23 year old son 3 years ago due to Osteosarcoma, a bone tumor. He absolutely loved goats as well as baseball. Your story brings tears to my eyes as I admire all of you for your courage and dedication to fight a horrible disease that has taken the lives of too many; both young and old. Your stories as to why each of you are doing this warms my heart. Congratulations to you all in this awesome endeavor each of you are doing to help others afflicated with this disease.

James Dyer
Thu, May 03, 2012
Thank you guys for your courage,dedication and kindness. I was born in LA and for some odd reason I have always been a Cubs fan. A little older my favs were Ron Santo, Don Kessinger, Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams! Im in DC now and travel all over to watch them play. Your "cause" is a wonderful one. Many families suffer the pain that cancer causes and many Cubs fan have suffered from the curse of the billy goat. DRIVE on fellas, stay strong and may God Bless you all

Dawnmarie Martinez
Fri, Mar 23, 2012
I missed you in my hometown (Las Cruces) because I was on the way to watch our Cubs play in Phoenix. I am planning to meet up with you in Ruidoso.... I'd love to meet you & Wrigley!!! Good luck on your journey & thanks for the inspiration! Go Cubs Go!!!

Tony Accetturo
Mon, Mar 05, 2012
I met these guys and Wrigley, the goat, over the weekend in Tucson and will be making a documentary with them of their quest.
I grew up on the southside of Chicago and I'm a rare mutation who roots for both the Cubs and the Sox. I rooted for the 69 Cubs. I was 14 then and was deeply scared. If any one can break the curse it's these guys and Wrigley. Go Cubs it's our year!

Jimmy Miller
Sat, Feb 18, 2012
Bon voyage, boys!

Ron Van Thiel
Fri, Feb 17, 2012
Wish you well on your journey and will look to follow along the way.
I will support your cause along the way.
Recent immigrant from WI and love to see what MI people and the people they know are all about.
Lived in Chicago and Green Bay so lot of teams we love!

Hutchinson Center webTributes

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